14 Nov, 2012
DugleeIT News is a one-stop destination for all of your online reading pleasure. This handy little app has numerous links to various popular websites like LifeHacker, Gizmodo, National Geographic, to name a few. And as the name suggests, it's got links to many news websites, all categorised by continents and further country-wise. So, reading news is so much easier with DugleeIT.

I really loved how comprehensive this app is when it comes to the number of links provided. It just about covers everything you might read online. Lots of categories to choose from too. So is this just an app with links? NO! Don't get me wrong here, when you click on a link, it opens the website within the app seamlessly. No nonsense. And brilliant!

Well, this is the first app featured on this website that was not made in-house. This was developed by a recent start-up called OctOM. I'm definitely looking forward to more apps from them.

DugleeIT is available on Google Play and it's free: Link

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