03 Jan, 2014
Ever felt your Android lacks the traditional "silent" mode? Now, with this app you can make your phone truly silent. Mutes all audio channels on your Android device including ring, notification, alarm, music and system volumes.

Available free on Google Play: Link

14 Nov, 2012
DugleeIT News is a one-stop destination for all of your online reading pleasure. This handy little app has numerous links to various popular websites like LifeHacker, Gizmodo, National Geographic, to name a few. And as the name suggests, it's got links to many news websites, all categorised by continents and further country-wise. So, reading news is so much easier with DugleeIT.

I really loved how comprehensive this app is when it comes to the number of links provided. It just about covers everything you might read online. Lots of categories to choose from too. So is this just an app with links? NO! Don't get me wrong here, when you click on a link, it opens the website within the app seamlessly. No nonsense. And brilliant!

Well, this is the first app featured on this website that was not made in-house. This was developed by a recent start-up called OctOM. I'm definitely looking forward to more apps from them.

DugleeIT is available on Google Play and it's free: Link

31 Oct, 2012
Here's a very handy no-nonsense compass app. The compass, as you know, points to magnetic north. It is as good as any real compass (and by that I mean, a magnetic strip of metal suspended in metallic or plastic casing) in terms of finding magnetic north. Here's an in-app screenshot.

Available free on Google Play: Link

26 Oct, 2012
JuMp for Android is based on the PC version JuMp made way back in 2009. The game is very simple and good for killing some time.

Your goal is to jump as high as possible. You can make 5 successive jumps before reaching the ground (similar to double jumps in other games, but you get to do 5). The point is to collect Accelerators that appear as you go higher. They increase your speed so that you can go higher than by simply jumping. The more Accelerators you get in quick succession, the faster you go up. Bonus jumps (small blue arrows) will refill your "jumps" so that you can jump 5 more times before you fall to the ground. Falling to the ground refills your jumps to 5. And yes, falling reduces your health. Run out of that and it's game over. Go really high and birds will start pecking you. Avoid them or you'll end up losing your precious health.

Get the Android version here: Link
If you're interested in the PC version, get it here: Link

15 Oct, 2012
Resimho is a very simple to use resistor value calculator App available for Android. Resimho has been tested on an Android 2.2 device and should work seamlessly for any higher versions.

Simply select the 4 different colours found on the resistor and the app will calculate the resistance. Not much, but, it does come in handy when you're in the workshop creating something and happened to have forgotten the colour code values.

Available free on Google Play: Link

17 Jun, 2012
Well this is a handy feature that most people are not aware of. You might be creating some tutorial or any other thing for that matter and you happen to need some screenshots of your android screen. Believe me, I've seen people use other cameras or phones to take pictures, which gets a big hands down.

The way to take screenshots is to hold down the Back button and then press the Home button. A PNG file will be created in /sdcard/ScreenCapture.