25 Jan, 2015
Apple had been lauded over the years for its innovative products. But recently, Apple seems to be losing its sheen. The newly launched Apple Watch(Link) was more of a let down. With Apple's standards, the Apple Watch was just like its competitors, and proved to be nothing special. The iPhone 6 and 6+ just goes to show that even Apple will bend over to pressure from the industry for larger devices. Up until that point, Apple was smug over its small, fits-in-the-palm phone.

Move over Apple, here comes Microsoft

The internet world is going crazy with each new release of the demo build of Windows 10. The "Start" button that went missing in Windows 8 is back (thank God!). It also incorporates a new notification panel, much like the Android notification drawer. This would have notifications from applications (like Skype). Probably newer applications can take advantage of this. Calendar notifications, reminders and such. The tablet experience is getting closer to the desktop. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to achieve with Windows 10 what it wanted to with Windows 8.

HoloLens is the new augmented reality headset that Microsoft announced recently. The marketing video above is exceptional. Google Glass pales in comparison (Link).

Microsoft plans to release the final product within Windows 10's life-cycle, which means no fixed-date yet. However, it's much too early to comment as Microsoft has only showcased prototypes of the thing. For now, it runs demos. (I really, really want to play Minecraft with that thing!)

I, on behalf of us all, plead to Microsoft, please get that thing on to the market. Don't screw this up!

You can head over to the official page here -http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us