09 Jun, 2018
For years now, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website has been the one stop destination for booking railway tickets online. It had ushered in a new tech age in the railway sector in the country. Up until that point, the only way to book railway tickets was to go to any one of the numerous booking counters spread across the country to be greeted by an old man/woman sitting in front of a 90ís era PC monitor thatís begging to be thrown in the recycle bin, and I donít mean the computer!

Finally, for a dose of freshness, a new revamped website has been launched. You can check it out here Link.

Thoughts? The new website is a modern responsive design with improvements in the overall booking experience. The website has a lot of work left. Itís still buggy and you can get logged out quite unexpectedly. It is much faster than the existing website though and should be good once all the bugs are ironed out.