26 Jan, 2015
Nokia was ubiquitous. They were all over the world, dominating the mobile phone markets everywhere. But in its glory, Nokia made a mistake in not jumping on to the Android bandwagon and soon lost out to competitors like Samsung. Even Windows for its phones could not save Nokia. As you might know, Microsoft bought Nokia's ailing mobile phone business last year. Everyone thought that that was the end of Nokia.

Nokia N1
Presenting the phoenix -- out from its ashes, Nokia is betting it all on this.

What is it? Hold on. Nokia recently launched a new Android Launcher called the Z Launcher. The Z Launcher takes inputs in the form of scribbles to let you quickly search for apps. Given that on average, we seem to have over 100 apps on our phones, this seems to be a nice idea. It's available on the Play Store (Link). It's not available in India currently (What's up with that, Nokia?). It can learn what apps you tend to use at what time of the day, and suggests apps to you.

Buoyed by its success with the Z Launcher, Nokia has announced a new Android Tablet. It's got a 7.9" screen and is powered by a 2.3 GHz 64-bit quad-core Intel processor. It's got the Z Launcher running on top of Android L. It's the first device to have a Type-C USB port (yes, that's the new reversible type of USB port). Saves us from fiddling with the USB cable -- "is it this way, or that way, no the first!".

Is it just another tablet on the market, albeit, with a quirky launcher? Time will tell.

A resurgent Nokia is (rightly so) quite proud of it -http://n1.nokia.com/en.
You can watch the Nokia N1 reveal here -http://youtu.be/8LoWySr_EYA.