18 Nov, 2012
What would it be like to travel inside a Black Hole? If you actually jumped in, you wouldn't live to tell the tale, that's for sure. But, out of curiosity, what is it like jumping into one? Here's a video by Vsauce (Link).

18 Nov, 2012
Did you know that YouTube has an in-built Snake Game to spend the time while buffering a video?

This works in fullscreen mode also. When the video is loading, just press the Up or the Down arrow key. The loading graphic turns into a snake and voila! Your time killer, especially, for all those people who don't have lightning fast internet connections.

31 Oct, 2012
We live in exponential times. We use so many things on a daily basis that they have become such an integral part of our lives, and yet, these things did not exist even a decade ago. Such, is the rapid rate of technological advancement. Take for example the mobile phone. So ubiquitous, that we hardly give a second thought to it. Such a thing was Sci-Fi during our parents' times. Below is a mind-boggling video from YouTube.

So, what do you've to say about the future? I know, you can't say anything.

17 Jun, 2012
A very simple wanderer bot controlled by a PIC16F877A. Watch the video below to see the bot in action. Wanderer Bot detects collisions with the help of a unique mechanism and tries to avoid them. And what's the most striking feature of it? It was built completely in just 2 days (or nights rather).

The video: