12 Mar, 2015
It's been a very long time since a new game has come out from Vitarsi's stable.

Air Warrior: Domination or AWD is the reboot to a very old game that I made when I was in school. AWD is a top-down (or even 2.5D) dog-fighting game. No prizes for guessing, the objective is to shoot down your opponents Top Gun(Link) style.

What's the best part? It's multiplayer! No better fun than shooting down your friend right from his 6 o'clock. It should support up to 4 players simultaneously. With 5 or more, the lag will become more than noticeable.

Is there a single player mode? Hopefully.

It's still a work in progress. But, you can try out the beta version from here:http://downloads.vitarsi.com/AirWarrior.zip

27 Apr, 2012
LaTeX is a program designed to produce very high quality typesetting. They're normally used for preparing documents such as scientific papers and other documents related to academia. It is especially good for mathematical symbols. The other alternative is using Word, but we all know what a pain that can be once the number of equations starts to increase.

Well, getting started with LaTeX can be a pain too, so here I've made a quick reference guide for beginning with LaTeX. Only the basic formatting is covered right now. Mathematical symbols and equations will be added soon.


26 Mar, 2012

Epic follows the epic battle between the Roolans and the Xedites, two races of species set in the future. A classic top-down shooter with various missions to complete. Also features a Random Map to let you play different scenarios.

The unique aspect of Epic is that it combines the features of an RTS and an arcade shooter. You scour around the game world with one spacecraft, but you can call in reinforcements to help you. However, to do so you need to collect Galactican cash. This you do by escorting(or rather hanging around) Motherships. The more Motherships under your control, the better since the rate of cash in-flow increases(pretty straightforward don't you think). And what's more, Motherships aligned to your side repair your ships as well.

Don't sweat it, the game has a tutorial that'll teach you the basics of the game. However, it's still a Work in progress and you might see a bug if you're really unlucky.

Here's the link to the game's page. Link
Mirror: Link